PROREG was established along with the rising importance of intellectual property. Believing in “Stay unique, stay professional”, PROREG provides bespoke intellectual property management solutions for clients in Greater Bay Area and around the world, assisting corporations to protect their rights while expanding the market.


With extensive experience in intellectual property management, our founders have been assisting more than 1,000 local and international brands in managing global trademarks, patents and copyrights.


PROREG partners with professionals from various sectors, including but not limited to designers, funding consultants, lawyers, to offer full support to our beloved clients.

Strengths of PROREG

90% Registration Success Rate: PROREG is familiar with the laws and application procedures of of different jurisdictions. We conduct comprehensive searches before submitting any application, so as to increase the chance of successful registration and reduce cost for our clients.

All-round Brand Management Services: By providing one-stop brand management services including brand naming, design, registration and marketing, PROREG effectively builds your brand and maximises your brand exposure in the market.

Up-to-date Market Intelligence: PROREG closely monitors the market trend, such as the application of NFTs, in order to provide latest and practical solutions to our clients. Besides trademark and patent registration, PROREG is also specialised in trademark trading, patent licensing and other areas, ensuring our clients are receiving diverse and sufficient support.