Copyright Registration

The copyright registration protects your creative achievements, allows you to unleash your talents and enjoy the rewards of your inventions.


In general, copyright is the right given to the owner of an original work. This right can subsist in:

🎵Sound recordings



📺Cable programmes

📖Typographical arrangement

💃Performers’ performance


Copyright subsistence does not require the work to have an aesthetic value nor to be clever nor very creative. It exists even in an item as simple as a photograph taken by an ordinary person in daily life. On top of that, the popular NFTs has also caused a huge debates on copyright.(To know more trending topics, please click News.)


Copyright is an automatic right. It arises when a work is created. No registration is needed in order to get protection under the law of the Hong Kong SAR.


A copyright usually with a certain time limit. Ideas that are shared by with the public can be freely used by anyone.


There are lots of discussions on  copyright infringement. Please click FAQ to check on details and cases. To avoid being infringed and protect your creative achievements, please click Register Now and fill in your contact details, our professional consultants will be in touch with you shortly.