Patent Registration

Registering a patent can better protect your inventions that highlight your uniqueness in the industry.

A patent include: 

  • Invention: new technical solutions proposed for a product, a process or the improvement thereof; 
  • Utility model: new practical technical solution relating to a product’s shape, structure, or a combination thereof; 
  • Design: new design of a product’s shape, structure, or a combination thereof; 
  • And combination of colour, shape or pattern which creates an aesthetic effect and is fit for industrial application 

A patentable invention should be: 

  • Novelty: the invention or utility model concerned is not an existing technology; 
  • Creativity: compared with existing technologies, the invention possesses prominent substantive features and indicates remarkable advancements, and the utility model possesses substantive features and indicates advancements; 
  • Practical use: the invention or utility model can be used for production or be utilised, and may produce positive results

Yet, the consideration on registration regions and time limited is a must for your patent registration. To receive more info, please click FAQ. For your further concerns, please click Register Now and fill in your contact details, our professional consultants will be in touch with you shortly.